Copyright Policy

This Page dictates the Copyright Policy of our Website where we have some strict guidelines for our site users. Since Our website is a repository of images that are creative work of authors from all over the world and we have shared these images on our website to showcase their Talent.

For Website Users:

But We have no intention of using these Images for Any of our Personal and Commercial Purposes and The same applies to the visitors of our website. You cannot use any image shared on our website for any commercial or Business purpose. The Copyrights of all the images are hold by their respective Authors and incase you want to use these images for any personal use, you need to get in contact of the Copyright Owner and get permission from them.

We strongly discourage visitors from visiting our website who having intentions of Using someone`s creative work for free.

For Authors:

We at respect the hard and creative work of you that you have put in getting such high quality and stunning images. In order to showcase your talent to the world, we have shared your work [images] on our website among our visitors who come to our website. We have strong and clear instructions to our website users to respect your work and use these images only for non-commercial and non-business purposes like using these images as desktop background or mobile screen wallpaper.

Even then, you need us to remove your creative work off our website, you can contact us with the respective Image and Documents stating that you hold the Copyright. We will remove that very content in the next 24 hours.